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Vacuum bag cmpl. set

Vennligst velg

The V-Bag comes with reinforced grommet holes along the sides and two vacuum ports for ease of mounting and use. A hand pump and carry bag for the kit are also included. There are three sizes available and they can be used in conjunction to create unique mounts (I find the small and medium bags particularly useful together). With their low cost and myriad number of uses, the V-Bag deserves a place in every cameraman's kit.

On very rare occasions a new product comes along that makes me want to slap myself on the head and say, "Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" The VBag is a flat pouch of thick vinyl containing foam pebbles. When a small vacuum pump is used to suck out the air, the bag contracts around the pebbles and forms a solid surface in whatever shape the pebbles lay. This makes the V-Bag a universal mounting system. You can stick it between a hi-hat and uneven ground, put the V-Bag on a sloped surface and create a platform, wrap the V-Bag around a handle to lock it into place, or lay it onto the hood of a car for an impromptu vehicle mount.

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