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Rette Skinner 230cm (24,5" / 62cm bredde)

Art.nr: 452163
Vennligst velg

Fåes i lengder og bredder:
50cm - 62cm dagsleie: 50,-
50cm - 36cm dagsleie: 50,-
90cm - 62cm dagsleie: 90,-
90cm - 36cm dagsleie: 90,-
160cm - 62cm dagsleie: 160,-
160cm - 36cm dagsleie 160,-
230cm - 62cm dagsleie 230,-
230cm - 36cm dagsleie 230,-

I tillegg til starter ramp, kun 62cm bredde.

Alle priser er eks. mva.
Ta kontakt med Espen Zubi for et pakketilbud på tlf: 92 62 81 88Dolly track was created to allow directors and camera operators the smoothest moving shot possible. Prior to the existence of the track industry, grips would lay down wooden planks to create smooth surfaces. Just imagine the splinters and subsequent angry grips with swollen fingers! Matthews was the first grip company in the United States to commercially manufacture dolly track. Matthews recognized the need for an aid to the camera operator and dolly grip in their quest for the perfect shot. If you have to do a moving shot on sidewalk, without a level surface the shot will jump with each crack or bump. When setup correctly, track nullifies this problem.

Your director will pick the best shot possible for the movie regardless of the terrain. You, the dolly grip, will be required to lay track over rough terrain, and you should therefore be prepared for all manner of surfaces. That preparation will include not only the various lengths and curves of track, but also track wedges or basso blocks to level the track, and a good-sized level to ensure the track is straight. With these tools, you can level any shot and support any dolly correctly.