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John Barkovitch, Key Grip

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In the U.K., Australia and most parts of Europe, grips are not involved in lighting. In the "British System", adopted throughout Europe and the British Commonwealth (excluding Canada), a grip is solely responsible for camera mounting and support.

The term 'grip' dates back to the early era of the circus. From there it was used in vaudeville and then in today's film sound stages and sets. Some have suggested the name comes from the 1930s-40s slang term for a tool bag or "grip" that these technicians use to carry their tools to work. Another popular theory states that in the days of hand-cranked cameras, it would be necessary for a few burly men to hang on to the tripod legs to stop excessive movement of the camera. These men became known as the 'good grips'- as they were constantly being instructed to 'keep a good grip on the tripod'.


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My name is John Barkovitch
I am a Grip living in Norway, with membership in the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees local 52 New York.

This is my 30th year working in the Film Industry. This work has led me to locations and studios in New York, Denmark and Norway.

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